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Xcellence Prelims 2019 Test Series

  • 15 full length tests
  • Intensive coverage of Syllabus in a systematic manner
  • Covering both basic and advance sources
  • Detailed Explanation for each test
  • First of its kind of Xnalytic to improve your score on guess works
  • In sync with the current system of UPSC preliminary exam
  • Full analytics to understand your growth and performance
  • Fully optimized for Mobile Users
  • Data Friendly - Light design that consumes low data

Choose a package that suits your needs :

Choose a package that suits your needs :


Xcellence IAS brings you the best and most pocket friendly mock test platfrom for UPSC's civil service's preliminary examination, All 15 tests, of our Prelims 2019 Test Series are purely designed on actual pattern of prelims exam i.e. all of them are full length tests covering questions all around the syllabus.

We believe that practising on full length test is very crucial as this prepares you for the actual exam right from the beginning. Every full length mock test you take, it makes you better adapt at tackling the actual prelims exam.

UPSC’s preliminary exam is highly unpredictable and does not follows a topic based approach and hence there is no point in preparing and practising on topic based and sectional tests. This is the reason we provide all tests in full length format replicating the actual exam pattern along with its uncertainties.


Introducing first of its kind of analytics which helps you to analyze and improve your performance on questions you answered using logic/guesswork, its enhances your ability to select correct option in situation where you are not 100% sure with regards to correct option.

It is proven time and again that no matter how much you read and revise your study materials, one cannot answer more than 40-45 question with 100% surety and it is impossible to clear IAS prelims on the of basis 40-45 questions, this is were our XNALYTICS comes into picture by providing you separate performance analysis on your guesswork and logic.

Watch the video below to see how it works!

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At Xcellence we are a Team of dedicated professionals having multiple years of experience at analyzing the civil service exam. By dedicated we mean that we exclusively focus only on Prelims of the civil service exam and not on any other exams like banking, railways etc. this gives us the opportunity to dedicate our entire time and focus on crafting most reliable questions and test series for the upcoming exam.



Our test series is being designed to provide you the real feel of the exam, where each question is selected after thorough scrutiny of its relevance of appearing in prelims. We scan through multiple newspapers, magazines and knowledge sources such as NCERT’s, NIOS, PIB, National and International reports…etc and each question is being crafted after analysing more than 10 years of UPSC’s questioning pattern.

Have a look at the features of our Prelims 2019 Test Series :

15 Full Length tests all in sync with actual prelims

Detailed explanation for each question to improve your knowledge base and competence level.

Covers basics (NCERT) as well as advance sources.

Focus on providing conceptual clarity through professional test method.

Real time comparison and ranking with other aspirants in order to keep you updated with your positions.

First of its kind of analytics “Xnalytic” to analyze and improve your guesswork.

Full analytics to understand your growth and performance.

Intensive coverage of syllabus in a systematic manner.

In sync with ever changing dynamics pattern of Prelims exam.

Judicious mixture of Easy, Medium and Advanced level questions.