XcellenceIAS's Rewards Program provides you with the opportunity to earn while you learn.

Follow below mentioned steps to start Earning !

Step 1

Sign Up !

Sign Up with Xcellence IAS !

Take up Free/Open Tests uploaded in the test list.

Provide feedbacks - If you wish !

Step 2

Enroll !

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Step 3

Practice !

Start your practice for Prelims 2019 by attempting the mock test!

Use Xnalytics - to Improve your Guess Work - very important for you success in Prelims.

Go through the explanation part thoroughly.

Step 4

Refer !

If you liked our test series, then refer our services to your friends.

Ask them to enter your email id in the referal box provided when they enroll for test series.

Step 5

Earn !

You Earn 10% of billing amt, for each of your friends who enrolls in any of our packages.

Your friend, can also Earn by Spreading word to others.

Remember you Earn only if your friend enters your email ID in the referal box while enrolling for test series.