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Importance of Test Series :

Time and experience have repeatedly proven that simply reading a book is just NOT enough. There are three reasons behind this truth -

1) While reading a book without testing, you cannot be sure that whether you are reading it in the right way or not, that is, which points are crucial. Many a times, we need to read between the lines; this can only be assured through practicing tests. Sometimes what we perceive about a topic after reading it is not the truth - this is tested through practice tests.

2) Another important objective catered by tests is whether you are reading the right book or not. The questions asked in the test will force you to think their answers when you read the same book next time. If you don't get the answers, you will certainly look for the other vital sources that you might have been missing.

3) Last but the most important objective the tests serve is whether you are ready for the exam or not? Every attempt is crucial; it involves your year long preparation. Tests help you to measure your performance. crack IAS has taken care of all these parameters to design its test series and the evaluation of your performance.